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It Ain't Over Yet - Idaho Statesman Review

Appeared in Scene by the Idaho Statesman
November 3, 2006
Review by Michael Deeds

Despite an ample selection of twangy radio stations in the Treasure Valley, local country musicians are a rare breed.  That's not the only reason Neil Nelson deserves notice:  He has a robust, likable singing voice that's well suited for an environment of traditional country guitar and juke-joint piano.

Nelson's 2005 CD, "Double Shot of Whiskey," was a collaboration with guitarist Dave Robinette.  "It Ain't Over Yet" is the first disc credited to The Neil Nelson Band, a quintet that includes veterans such as drummer Lawson Hill and multi-instrumentalist Don Cunningham.  

The Group mentality pays off.  Even if Nelson's songwriting treads no fresh or unique pastures (with one notable exception), these well-executed tunes have easy, wide appeal.

Nelson mostly plays it straight throughout the disc, delivering country-Western, dance-floor-worthy songs untarnished by modern bombast: "There ain't nothin' worse  than 'Country with Bump'" he sings.   Backed by comfortable, old-school instrumentation, Nelson reminisces about good and bad times with an earnestnesses that would make George Strait or Tom T. Hall proud.

Things feel a little odd on the final track, a harmonica-soaked country ballad about drinking beer... while white-water rafting.  Perhaps Nelson thinks the Idaho-centric subject matter of "The River Song will help him make a splash.

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